Couples In Crisis

Is your relationship in crisis?

Do you feel your relationship or marriage is on the brink of divorce? Are you feeling stuck and emotionally exhausted?  Before calling it quits, couples counseling can be the answer.

Couples go through ups and downs in their relationships. Even some of the healthiest relationships have conflict. You are each individuals who grew up with different family dynamics, different beliefs and unique circumstances, so it makes perfect sense you’re not always going to agree with everything your partner thinks and feels.


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There are times when couples can’t get past these issues and they can linger for months or even years. You might feel stuck and emotionally drained.  Couples begin to resent one another and begin a vicious cycle of destruction which can impact the entire family dynamic including your children and extended family as well as your job. This destructive cycle can also take a toll on your emotional health such as:  stress, anxiety, worry, depression, loneliness, anger and frustration. This can also impact your physical health such as: aches and pains, headaches, loss of concentration, loss of or increased appetite, interrupted sleep and more.

Just when you think there is no way to repair your relationship and the damage is done, there’s HOPE and HELP.


 The benefits of couples & marriage counseling are:

  • Manage ongoing conflicts
  • Improve the quality of communication
  • Create empathy and compassion
  • Increase friendship and intimacy


Couples counseling is not a one size fits all approach. Each couple has unique needs and desires and those are valued and honored throughout the sessions. In order to give you quality care, the session times might be extended. Couples counseling is a way to slow down the vicious cycle of destruction and create a new cycle which includes:  balance, mutual respect, connection, friendship and intimacy. It’s not too late. The time to start is NOW!


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