5 Ways to Know You Are in The Right Relationship

We aren’t going to list the things you feel when you first start dating someone you like.  Knowing you are in the right relationship isn’t just feeling all giddy inside when you think about your partner, loving that you have the same interests, or getting excited to hold their hand.  Sure, those are great feelings to have and you should be happy doing things together with your partner or spouse.  But let’s face it; these are more signs of being in-like with someone or natural reactions you would have in the beginnings of a good relationship.  That’s awesome if you still feel the same way about your other half years down the road, but it’s impossible to keep up these feelings ALL the time.


After The Honeymoon is Over

So what does it mean when you start getting annoyed, upset, hurt, or frustrated with something your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife says or does?  Time to call it quits?  No.  At least not necessarily.  It’s time to start dealing with the realities of a relationship, test each other’s love… in a sense, and find out what it really takes to make your marriage or relationship work.

Every relationship has its infatuation or “newlywed” stage that will eventually wear off.  You and your significant other are only human.  A relationship, which consist of two humans, has its flaws, mistakes, tough times, and misunderstandings.

Maybe you’ve started to feel these problems and imperfections in your partner add up and you might start to wonder, “Am I in the right relationship?”  Toxic, selfish, manipulative, or abusive relationships are obviously something you should get out of.  But you shouldn’t expect that the right relationship is perfect by any means.  There will be ups and downs, but it is how you are able to handle the bumpy road that prove to make a good, lasting relationship.  Here are some signs that you and your significant other are in the right relationship.


5 Signs You Are in The Right Relationship

If you are able to find several of these things within your relationship, you are on the right track.  Remember it always takes two people to make up your partnership, but as mentioned in previous posts, YOU are in control of making the relationship you want to have.  You can also use these signs as tips for helping your relationship grow.

  1. You can each take responsibility for the faults you bring to the relationship.  Who, me?  I know we promised signs of being in a good RELATIONSHIP so you didn’t think this was going to be focused on you, but you are half of that word.  It’s important to not blame the other person, as well as be able to claim responsibility for your share of relationship hardships.
  2. You support one another and don’t resent successes.  A relationship shouldn’t be a competition or where one thinks they are better than the other.  You shouldn’t be jealous of the other person getting a raise before you or being better at something than you.  In a supportive relationship you will be encouraging your partner to be his or her best and should be happy for their accomplishments and talents.
  3. You have a healthy mix of independence and togetherness.  Enjoying each other’s company is an important component of any relationship, yet it doesn’t mean you should only be able to do things together.
  4. You can fight without hate.  Arguments are inevitable, but it’s not healthy if you start saying or thinking hateful things about your partner during or after your fights.  You can understand that you disagree about something without taking it personal.
  5. You listen to each other without judgment.  Being open, honest, and sharing intimate and vulnerable thoughts, stories, and feelings with each other is a big part of a successful relationship.  It’s also just as important to be willing to let your spouse or partner trust that you are going to listen with the same openness and not throw judgment on them.