Here are some ideas to try with your spouse to keep the fun alive and make your relationship more exciting!

  1. Leave Funny or Love Notes in Unexpected Places for Each Other around the House – Who knows where you will find them… in the bathroom, under your pillow, in your bathrobe pocket, on the fridge, or in the fridge. Make your partner’s day letting them know you are thinking about them and it will be sure to leave a smile on his or her face. Keep it up and come up with more create places to leave your funny, inside jokes or cheesy love letters.
  2. Take a Stay-Cation Together – Spend a day doing things you don’t normally do… drive around to an unexplored part of town, check out a restaurant you’ve never been to, and even stay in a hotel for a night. Role-play for the day and make up alter-egos for each of you, pretending to be on a secret rendezvous.  You can always do this on a vacation to a new spot if you have more time.
  3. Play “Did You Know…?” – You may think you knew everything about your partner, but there may be more to learn. Take turns spilling some secrets your significant other doesn’t know about you… share stories from when you were a kid, your embarrassing moments of being a teenager, and a funny story from work.
  4. Try Something Daring Together – Depending on how much of a dare-devil the two of you are, this could be sky diving or swimming with sharks, or something a little tamer like doing a karate class or seeing a scary movie together. It doesn’t have to be too crazy, but something that will get your adrenaline going or at least boost up your heart rate a bit.
  5. Do A Blindfolded Taste Test – Don’t include anything too gross or something your partner will hate, but be creative! Take turns and make a prize for the one who guesses correct the most… or just have fun with it.  It’s a great way to be seductive, and who knows what will happen next.
  6. Recreate Your First Date – How did you meet or what did you do on your first date? Go back in time and remember what you did and how you giddy and nervous you felt in the beginning of the relationship… try to do it all over again, and bring back the goosebumps you’d get from your first kiss.  Instead of going out together, have your spouse pick you up at the door or meet at your date-night destination.
  7. Make Chores a Game – As adults, it’s evident we don’t have as much playtime as we used to when we were kids… so sometimes we need to make our own playtime. If you have kids yourself, you might already have some ideas of how to make chores into a game. So Instead of dreading the dishes or cleaning the house, try to make a fun game out of it with your spouse.  Some examples: race to see who can fold more socks in 2 minutes, blast some music and have a dance-off with the vacuum, mop, or even at the kitchen sink, do yardwork together to but see who can get the dirtiest.  Before you “play”, come up with some rewards the “winner” will get such as a romantic back massage, kisses, choice of restaurant that night, or some sort of sexy prize.
  8. Have a Tickle War – Be playful and tickle your partner with kisses and raspberries. Then start a pillow fight or wrestle your spouse teasingly.  This one might be more fun and exciting in the bedroom!