Breaking the bonds of a marriage is neither easy nor trivial. Because this is the case, there is much to review when it comes to infidelity and affairs. Susan Block is a licensed marriage and family therapist who counsels couples, individuals, and families looking for therapy. In order to understand more about this heartbreaking matter and how to chart a positive pathway forward, please continue reading.

What Is The Trauma Phase Of Infidelity Discovery?

The trauma phase is very well documented and comes after the affair is discovered by the partner. During this time the partner may feel angry, vengeful, and hopeless. It’s not uncommon for the perplexed partner to feel a veritable rollercoaster of emotions. Loss, grief, rage, and frustration are all common emotions that distinguish the trauma phase. Furthermore, these feelings may manifest themselves in physical symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

How Does Counseling Help With Infidelity?

If you have been personally impacted by infidelity, individual therapy can provide relief. Therapy has the propensity to allow an individual to understand their response to their partner’s affair. This may inevitably focus on forgiving, letting go, or moving on. After all, there are many ways to handle the feelings that come with infidelity.

Does Couples Therapy Help With Cheating?

If you or your partner has had an affair and wants to make it work, then couples therapy is key to resolving underlying issues. If you choose to rebuild your relationship after an affair, it can demonstrably rebuild trust in the relationship.

How Does Issues Clarification Help A Couple Post Infidelity?

When a couple embarks on issues clarification, the couple works together to discover what started the affair in the first place. During this time there is probably a great deal of emotional instability between the couple. However, because both partners want to understand what led to the affair in the first place, this process can lead to closure. The sooner this process is initiated, the sooner that true closure can ensue. A therapist is strongly suggested in order to ensure the process happens smoothly and with an outcome that is hopefully suitable for both partners.

How Does Addressing the Problem Help?

During the addressing the problem stage, the real work begins. Emotions start to stabilize. During this time, the partners in the relationship can start to work on the issues that led to the affair. There are highs and lows during this process. Guilt and anger mix with longing for what once was. However, couples will ultimately benefit by persevering through this phase. The root of the discontent can be discovered.

How Can Marriage Counseling Help A Couple Improve Their Relationship?

When you embark on marriage counseling, it can help you and your partner recognize and resolve conflicts and improve your relationship. Techniques taught in therapy can help couples learn how to get through the affair. They can continue to develop an open, honest, and new relationship. This relationship will be freer from the negative emotions of the affair. Furthermore, through marriage counseling you can make considerate decisions when it comes to rebuilding your relationship or moving forward with a separation.

How Can Couples Overcome Infidelity?

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways that couples can overcome infidelity. These ways include practicing gratitude, clarifying your purpose in the relationship, facing your feelings with compassion, and forming a vision of the past and the future. It all starts with making the practical decision to embark on therapy so that you and your partner can emerge with more fully-formed selves.

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