No matter how little or much our mothers were/are involved in our lives, each of us has a mother.  You know, the person who raised you?  The one who you probably gave such a tough time as you were growing up… The person who took care of you when you weren’t able to take care of yourself.  Whether by birth, by adoption, by foster parenting, or even by being a role model, your mother is your mother, and it’s nice to take a moment to think about why you are thankful for your mom.

Being a mother is a tough job.  You might not even realize all the hours that go into the job and maybe even took your mother for granted a time or two.  Some might say being a mom is “the world’s toughest job”, as displayed in this humorous yet moving video created by American Greetings.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

With Mothers’ Day on Sunday, we want to send mothers everywhere appreciation for their very important role in each of our lives… and even if it’s been awhile since we were young, needy little children, or our mother is no longer in our life, we can still take some time to appreciate the caring things they have done for us, helping to make us who we are, and to put a smile on our face… because your mom would like it that way.

From Moms’ Perspectives

The truth is, your mother may not have shown all her concerns or wishes about being a better mom, but she may have had some.   Most mothers have felt like they had things they struggled with as a mom, thought maybe they weren’t always making the right choices, wish they could be more patient, confident, or have more time to give to their children.

Even moms with kids who think, “My mom is awesome” have their faults, but they may not always recognize all the good things they have done that show their kids how much they care.  This video shows the concerns of mothers, but also what their kids love about their moms.

Video: “A New Perspective For Moms

10 Things to Appreciate About Mom

  1. Her Strength
  2. Her Opinions (Even though we don’t always agree with them!)
  3. Her Patience (Even when it is running low.)
  4. Her Sacrifices
  5. Her Listening Ear
  6. Her Unconditional Love
  7. Her Loyalty, Support, and Encouragement
  8. Her Tell-It-To-You-Straight When You Need to Hear It
  9. Her Life Lessons
  10. Everything she taught us… intentional or not

Send Your Mom Some Love

So for all those mothers out there who have taken the time to rock their children to sleep, gone to bed hungry to make sure their children had food, wiped their runny nose or tears, listened to their stories, stood up for them, or taught them something… We say, “Thanks Mom – Happy Mothers’ Day!”