It goes without saying that marriage is work. A healthy marriage is undeniably worth having but isn’t necessarily easy to pull off. You have to commit to loving your partner and try to meet their needs each day. And, you should be looking for positive parts of your relationship for you to nurture and pay special attention to. By investing in these aspects, you can greatly improve your marriage as a whole. Here are several aspects of a marriage to nurture and grow in order to reap the benefits.


A good, healthy marriage requires a lot of patience from both parties. When your partner does something that annoys or frustrates you, try to be patient with them. If you think they’re taking too long to put on makeup or get ready for a night out, wait patiently without admonishing or criticizing them. A little bit of patience goes a long way in a marriage.


In addition to patience, listening also improves a marriage. Like patience, a little can go a long way. When your partner speaks, rather than worrying about what you want to say next, focus on their words as well as the meaning. Show you’re listening by nodding or repeating phrases back to them, even asking clarifying questions when it makes sense. If your partner mentions something they’d like to do, have, or see, try to make it happen for them, especially when they’re not expecting it. You’ll not only surprise them but also remind them how much you love them and want to contribute to your marriage.


You might have heard the advice to never stop dating your partner, but along with that, we’d advise you to constantly engage in acts of service for them. Is there a certain chore or errand they dislike doing? Take care of it for them. Even something as simple as unloading the dishwasher or vacuuming the house without being asked can make a huge difference. Serving your partner reminds them how much you love and respect them, which can only have a positive impact on your marriage and bring the two of you closer.


Most marital problems that can arise stem from a lack of communication. When you’re angry or upset with your spouse, try to clearly express your dissatisfaction and anything they can do to alleviate the problem. Likewise, when your spouse brings a problem to you, listen and work to overcome it. Don’t lie or keep secrets from each other, even if you think you’re doing so to avoid hurting their feelings. Often, the smallest grievances can become full-blown, critical issues if left to stew inside you. Keep the lines of communication open in your marriage and you’ll quickly reap the rewards.


After patience, forgiveness is the most important aspect of a marriage to nurture. If you’re open and honest with each other and exhibiting patience, you should also make forgiveness a key player in your marriage. For all the small squabbles as well as the big ones, remember that you and your spouse are a team. Try to forgive each other more easily.

Marriage is one of the most rewarding parts of life. Although it does take some work, the benefits of a healthy, fulfilling marriage are almost endless. To make your marriage better and help it reach its full potential, make sure you’re nurturing these qualities whenever the opportunity arises.

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