Anxious in South Florida? Escape the Everyday with Calming Activities & Relaxing Venues from Coral Springs to Coral Gables and Everywhere in Between

Living in South Florida, a land of sunshine and tropical beaches, is some people’s definition of paradise. Yet there are those of us who struggle with anxiety, regardless of the environment we’re in. Anxiety is a tricky emotion, isn’t it? It can create an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and cause you to feel stuck—some might even say trapped. This blog was created with those people in mind. Whether your anxiety is centered around the hectic stress of work or family issues, or if you’re struggling with life’s challenging circumstances, Coral Springs Counseling Center has compiled a list of activities and venues meant to make you feel calm and at ease. 

Hit the Pause Button: Coral Gables & Vicinity

  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (Coral Gables): Immerse yourselves in the vibrant flora and fauna of this 83-acre paradise. Lush landscapes, calming water features, and educational exhibits provide a peaceful escape for couples or solo adventurers. (Website:
  • Venetian Pool: Nothing says relaxation like going for a swim! The Venetian Pool is a one-of-a-kind aquatic facility filled with crystal-clear spring water, sourced daily from an underground aquifer. Two cascading waterfalls and enchanting cave-like grottos complete the immersive experience for swimmers of all ages. (Website:

Find Your Zen in Coral Springs: Massage & Stress Relief Await

Escape the daily grind and explore hidden gems located in Broward County.

  • Felicita’s Coffee Soul (Coral Springs): Grab a delicious latte and a pastry, find a quiet corner, and simply connect with your partner over conversation in this cozy coffee shop. (Website:
  • Gaja Boheme Massage (Coral Springs): Feeling tension build and worries swirling? Sometimes the best antidote to anxiety is a deep tissue massage. Let your cares drift away and your mind rest at Gaja Boheme. (Website:

A Scenic Escape: Fort Lauderdale & Beyond

If you’re looking to venture a little further for a carefree, car-free experience, consider hopping on the Brightline high-speed rail. It’s a great way to unwind before you even arrive at your destination!

  • Mya Papaya: Head over to Mya Papaya Juicery & Kitchen, a haven for health-conscious foodies. Their vibrant menu boasts fresh-pressed juices packed with vitamins and minerals, perfect for naturally calming your mind and body. If you’re feeling adventurous after your meal, there are kayak rentals available inside. For more information on kayaking, visit the rental company’s website here.
  • Hollywood Farmers Market (Hollywood): (Sundays only) Immerse yourselves in the sights, sounds, and smells of this bustling farmers market. Pick up fresh local produce, flowers, and artisan crafts for a unique date experience. (Website:
  • Ann’s Florist & Coffee Bar (Las Olas): Nestled in Fort Lauderdale, Ann’s Florist & Coffee Bar offers a sensory experience unlike any other. Walk in and inhale the calming aroma of freshly brewed coffee, intermingled with the sweet scent of beautiful blooms, and get lost in a good book. Afterwards, take a stroll along Las Olas Boulevard, window shop for unique finds, or grab a drink with a waterfront view. (Website: (Instagram:
  • Head Spa Scalp Massage: Sometimes anxiety knots itself right up in your scalp, leaving you feeling stressed and out of sorts. But what if there was a place to melt away that tension and leave you feeling blissfully relaxed? Head Spa by AMD in Fort Lauderdale could be your new anxiety antidote! This unique spa specializes in scalp treatments that go beyond a basic massage. Visit their website for more information. (Website:

Remember, escaping anxiety is about creating a space for calm in your day-to-day life. Don’t be afraid to explore your own neighborhood or venture slightly further. The key is to be present and connect with your partner and the community in a way that reduces stress and fosters tranquility.

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety? We offer compassionate and personalized therapy sessions to help you manage your emotions and build stronger relationships. Visit our website to learn more about our services. You deserve to live a life free from excessive worry. Take a deep breath. You’re not alone.