Don’t let everyday problems interfere with your life – Be happier after counseling

Life Before Counseling

You’re sitting at your desk at work, staring at your computer screen and you’re frustrated. It’s only 9:30am and you are already feeling stressed… and it isn’t just because your computer is being slow. You have thoughts of last night’s argument with your husband in your head, which left things shaky between you two this morning. You also are worried about your kid who refused to talk to you about his struggles in school. Lately you have been feeling especially stressed out and just down. You’ve lost motivation, are confused about how to make things better and have just been feeling… yea, a little depressed.


Everyone has Stresses and Problems

This happens to all of us at some degree or another. Sure it may not be the exact same issues: marriage or relationship problems, family and children difficulties, lack of motivation, or so on, but everyone has something that stresses them out, brings them down, or just plain hinders their personality or way to accomplish things in their life.

So what do you do? Who do you talk to? Or do you think it’s best to keep it all inside? Of course it’s great to have a strong support system! Let out your frustrations during a girls’ night out, have a guy-to-guy talk after a friendly basketball game, or vent to your spouse. Sometimes you may not want to turn to your friends or family about every issue though, and why should you? All your struggles are just too much for others to take in and feel the need to help you solve your problems. Just “letting it out” helps, but you also may not want others knowing all your inner thoughts, inhibitions or troubles with the family or work. Even the best support systems can’t handle everything you toss their way… And shouldn’t have to. After all, most likely they aren’t a trained professional in psychology.


Why Counseling, or Psychotherapy, Can Help Anyone

After being a licensed family and marriage therapist for many years, I’ve dealt with a lot of individuals, families and couples who count on their time in counseling to help them deal with the frustrations of their lives and relationships. Counseling and psychotherapy really can benefit anyone. Why wouldn’t you want to relieve stress, enhance your life & relationships , and feel better emotionally?

So many clients express how they leave counseling feeling better, lighter, and like a little weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Some don’t feel the actual sessions as fast-acting, but then start to see how their lives and overall moods change throughout the week and especially after getting the hang of counseling after some time. They have started to notice when something would normally bother them and can make adjustments to how they would usually react so the outcome is better.


How Does Counseling Work?

Through counseling you are able to learn more about yourself, what makes you sad, angry, stressed, frustrated, or lonely. But better yet, it also helps you release some of these feelings and discover how to address the issues and overcome them. It can help you turn your negative feelings into positive ones.

During counseling you can discuss what troubles you are going through or what is bothering you without receiving judgment. You gain insight into what you can do to change challenging patterns, manage disruptive thoughts or actions, communicate yourself more effectively, or lessen your stress, anxiety, depression or addictive patterns & behaviors.

Your professional therapist supports you through the tough times by guiding you in your thoughts and exploring situations from other perspectives or even seeing a clearer view of your own perspective. They are there to help you learn how to manage your emotions effectively, not just suppress them. Counseling can help you feel better in your daily life, and reduce your feelings of worry, stress, anxiety, or sadness and how to cope with troubles in your relationships so you can spend more time enjoying life.

Counseling or psychotherapy isn’t a quick fix, but you might come to find it can be your weekly “fix”.


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Counseling Is An Investment In Your Mental And Emotional Well-Being

So whether your issues seem to be constantly fighting with your significant other, feel you are being pulled in too many directions and are overwhelmed, or you have other normal frustrations and struggles… counseling can help you. Regular visits to a Marriage and Family Therapist can be just what you need to get your life more on track, help you understand how to deal with issues you will encounter in life, and how to be a more happy individual. Just as physical exercise is important for your health and well-being, psychotherapy is too. The time and money put into bettering yourself mentally and emotionally through counseling is truly in investment for your life, well-being, and the relationships with those you love.

Don’t let counseling take a back seat when it can make such a positive impact on your life. More and more people are seeing these benefits of counseling improve their lives, and that is why counseling can be beneficial for ANYONE.


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