The Benefits of Professional Teletherapy From the Comfort of Your Own Home

1) It’s on your own time

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to put things on the proverbial “backburner” – time would never run out, working around our schedules instead of the other way around. We could leisurely complete everything on our daily to-do’s without a second thought. Unfortunately, the truth is our fast-paced lifestyles don’t give much leeway for things that should take top priority, like mental health. And the real kicker: just trying to carve out more time from our busy lives for therapy can end up stressing us out even more. These days, it’s a miracle if you’re able to get a sip of coffee in before starting your day, much less fit an entire session of therapy into a full work week — not to mention the expenses and traffic along the commute might impact all the benefits of office sessions in the first place.

2) Convenience

What if you could receive real time face-to-face counseling sessions whenever you wanted? Telecommunication therapy revolutionizes the entire practice by putting your convenience first. Here’s a quick break-down on how it works: basically, a therapist remotely sees you via computer. You would receive all the personal attention an office visit would offer, at your literal fingertips. Within the privacy of your own room, you can customize the space however you see fit. Light citronella candles and take your shoes off – it doesn’t matter, either way, you’ll redefine the healing process on your terms.

This solution works best for corporate workers who travel frequently on the job, as the system was put in place to work around your timetable. It also works wonders for college kids whose schedules widely fluctuate (especially around finals week). If you’ve got an obligation to take care of your small children, you can now do both at once. You won’t have to get a sitter for your kids any longer or limit your quality family time with them. For couples seeking counseling together, you can receive feedback and directly apply it in a natural, real-world environment.

3) Privacy

As a HIPAA compliant service, your therapist keeps things completely confidential and you’d have the added benefit of staying home. No more feeling obliged to tell your friends and family why you’re seeking therapy; they wouldn’t even need to know in the first place. You won’t owe an explanation to the sitter or run the risk of running into anyone you might know. Especially if you’re in the public eye, you don’t have to worry about being recognized or exposed. What’s more, you won’t have to fight traffic or sit in a crowded waiting room full of strangers. This solution virtually removes any extra sources of stress, so you can just focus on the sessions themselves.

4) Flexibility

Therapists now have the freedom to extend their services to even more clients with a 24-hour window of flexibility before every appointment, expanding their outreach to include availability over the weekend, in the evenings, and over select holidays. If you’re based anywhere in your home state or out of the country, you might be eligible for this service. Contact Susan Block, LMFT to see if teletherapy is the right fit for you: