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Securing Your Private Life From The Public: The Benefits Of Telehealth Individual and Couples Therapy For Professional Athletes, Politicians, Celebrities & All High-Profile Couples

South Florida isn’t known as a hotspot just because of the beautiful palm trees and sunny weather. It’s also home to many celebrities, artists, politicians, high-profile individuals, and, you guessed it, professional athletes. Many athletes reside in South Florida both during the …

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Is Your Partner Cheating

Is Your Partner Cheating?

Stop, Look And Listen To Your Spouse Stop everything you’re doing and look around you. What’s been going on in your world lately? Have there been tough obstacles? Did you face them alongside your partner or did you shut them out?  Infidelity …

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Common Relationship Issues (And When to Get Help)

A common misconception about relationships is that one person’s happiness is dependent upon the actions of the other. That is simply not the case. In a relationship, your happiness begins and ends within you! It is critical to remember that, above all, …

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