When a couple first gets together, there is an inexhaustible spark that becomes apparent – the spark of a burgeoning relationship.  The two of you couldn’t possibly run out of things to talk about! The future, your plans, your aspirations.  You used to be on the phone with one another all day, or up all night conversing and growing closer every second.

As you go through life with your partner, it is very likely you’ve felt as though you’ve run out of topics, run out of things to talk about to keep you on the same spectrum.  There are plenty of methods to feel as close as you once were, and one of those tactics is through stimulating conversation.

Engaging Topics Can Reignite Your Spark

Many agree, one of the best topics to put one another in the romantic, loving frame of mind is speaking of the past.  You began your relationship talking about the future, why not spend time simply remembering.  This may often lead to a recreation of past memories – going back to the restaurant of your first date, or going back to the beach where you met.  Returning to the past through conversation is an excellent way to return to the feeling of tenderness.

Talk about hobbies with one another.  Perhaps it has simply been a great deal of time since the two of you really talked. As a couple, you can discuss hobbies that you’ve developed passions for over the years.  Discuss activities you want to do together, and plan for it.  Planning something together and going over the numerous possibilities has the potential to open both of your eyes to the possibilities within your strengthening relationship as well.

Last, a simple conversation asking how your partners day went can make a world of difference.  It demonstrates that they are loved and valued by you – you are such an avid fan and supporter, that you are interested in the somewhat mundane experiences of their day to day, because just having them there to speak is enough.  So many individuals just need to feel as though they have someone to listen to them, and that they, too, are enough.

Counseling Services

If you feel as though you and your partner simply aren’t connecting as you used to, but you know you want to work towards the content times you once lived, Susan Block can help.  Susan Block provides marriage counseling that gives couples the right tools to work with, leading towards excellent communication with their partner, and a happier marriage.  Call 954.675.1936 for a free consultation.