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Communication Issues Affect Relationships

“We never seem to agree on issues. Every time I bring up a concern, nothing ever gets resolved. We just can’t communicate effectively.” Does this sound familiar? One of the main issues couples (and families) seek counseling for is a problem with communication.

Couples have ongoing, perpetual issues that can sometimes become too much to handle and so couples stop trying. They get defensive. Sometimes they even use non-verbal cues to show dissatisfaction such as eye rolling, turning their cheek, or even walking away.  This can create negative emotions such as loneliness, frustration, anger, sadness and doubt, which can lead to anxiety, stress or even depression. Sometimes couples feel so disconnected they might find comfort outside of their marriage which can lead to infidelity, separation or divorce.

Finding Effective Communication

Are you looking for your partner to listen to your needs?  Do you want your partner to understand where you’re coming from on certain issues? Do you wish that you can talk with your partner without feeling defensive? If your answer is yes, then counseling is a wonderful opportunity to learn new and effective techniques that create more nurturing, loving and compassionate ways of effectively communicating.

I have completed the Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and I utilize this method when working with couples. These techniques you learn through couples or marriage counseling will improve your communication, connection and friendship. This method also strives in helping couples manage conflict, achieve empathy, and have more compassion for one another. It’s important to understand that if you and your partner have been in a dysfunctional pattern of communication, change can and will happen with a combination of effective couples counseling and willingness and motivation on your part.  It’s time to break down the protective walls that have been built, find love and admiration for your partner and most importantly, have fun!

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