Pre-Marital Counseling

Telehealth The Future Of Marriage Counseling

Newly engaged? Congratulations! Taking the time for pre-marital counseling can increase your confidence in your relationship and help you get to know your partner on a deeper level.

We all have expectations of what our marriage is going to look like. There may come a time that you and your partner don’t see eye to eye on these expectations. Pre-marital counseling can give you the opportunity to discuss some of the more difficult topics and help you find solutions or compromises before it becomes an issue. Even if you and your partner don’t agree on certain things, understanding each other’s point of view is invaluable.

Pre-Marital Counseling includes discussions about:  

  • Communication Skills & Conflict Management. Your love is passionate and beautiful but conflict happens. Being able to communicate about these issues can make all the difference. Dr. John Gottman’s research found that positive affect during conflict was the only variable that predicted couple stability and happiness for newlyweds. This course teaches healthy communication skills to use when you do get into conflict and how to prevent escalated fighting.
  • Logistics You’re about to start your life with someone. That life comes with bills, agreements, and financial responsibilities. Pre-marital counseling goes over budgeting, financial expectations, unplanned expenses, debt, career aspirations, etc.
  • Family & Parenting. In our time together we will discuss parenting, expectations within parenting roles, and/or the idea of not being a parent. We also explore how your family of origin will be a factor in your lives. Where do you plan on spending the holidays? Do you get along with your in-laws? Do your family’s have two different faiths? We can explore the generational impact on what you bring to your family and the possibilities of “what if” scenarios.
  • Values & Intimacy. There are “hot button” conversations that are important but sometimes forgotten. Making sure you and your partner understand each other’s morals, values, and where you feel you can or cannot compromise is important.

Completing this course also gives you the extra discount on your marriage license! Our team of marriage therapists can help with your premarital counseling needs.

Cassandra Thompson, LMHC is an approved provider by Broward County to provide you with the Broward County premarital course requirements to avoid the 3-day waiting period and receive a discount on your marriage license.

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