Rekindle Your Marriage

Rekindle your Marriage

Where has the magic gone? When you first met, your eyes locked, your hearts throbbed and sparks flew. You knew this was “the one!” Fast forward, years later and life as you know it has taken over. Life transitions such as having children can alter the relationship you once had. In fact it will. Now you have the responsibility of raising your child(ren). You love them to the moon and back and would do anything for them, but let’s face it, you’re time is limited, you’re tired, you’re working to support the house all while managing bulks of laundry, car pooling and excessive homework and play-dates. Taking care of the family has left you with bags under your eyes, aches and pains, and a few extra grays. The last thing you’re feeling are the sparks that once drew you toward your partner and sexual intimacy seems like a foreign language. Hand holding, the good morning or goodnight kiss, or having common interests (other than the kids) are gone. Couples feel disconnected and more like roommates than husband and wife.

Reigniting the Passion in Your Marriage or Relationship

Are you ready to light that spark back into your relationship? Things have changed and your family dynamics have changed, but you can rekindle that spark back into your marriage and create a new way of connecting with your partner. Change can be small. Simple things like a kiss or hug good morning, a sweet text message throughout the day, watching tv on the same couch, bike riding (even with the kids), holding hands in the car and verbalizing terms of endearment, can have tremendous impact. Some of the small, kind gestures of connection can ignite a spark. Without a spark, there can be no flame.

If you’re unsure how to begin making these changes or there are other factors preventing you from feeling a connection, couples counseling can be a wonderful time to reconnect with your partner. A marriage and family therapist will help you navigate through the rough spots, help you to uncover your relationship strengths and assist you through difficult, perpetual issues that can be preventing connection and intimacy. Couples can regain their passion for one another and may even feel it’s better than ever.

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