Creating Emotional Safety in Your Relationship

Whether you are in the bliss of a new love or the steady comfort of a long-term relationship, building emotional safety in your relationship is the best way to develop a deeper emotional connection and open yourselves up to a lifetime of comfort, communication, and safety.

In order to feel vulnerable with your partner, you need to first feel safe—in other words, you need to trust them. Once that trust is present, love can deepen, joy can be felt, and you can build accountability.

Safe Is Not Boring

Too many people confuse the idea of safety with the idea of boredom. However, when you feel a deep emotional connection, and you are comfortable confiding your secrets, hopes, and dreams with your partner, then you can truly flourish together. Feeling secure that you can be your truest and most genuine self, makes room for more fun and more freedom to be your goofiest and best selves around one another.

Feeling Safe Through the Stress

There will be times in your life when you and your partner are dealing with a lot of stress—whether it is financial stress, the stress of growing children, or extended family drama—and you both may want to take the stress out on one another.

To build emotional safety in the midst of this stress, you and your partner need to work on how to feel calmer in your conversations with one another. Consider your facial expressions as you address one another, the words you are using, and your tone of voice. When you both feel more comfortable in these conversations, this will become more natural in the future. Your emotional connection will become one based on kindness and concern for the other’s stressors.

Final Word

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