Research has shown that natural disasters can either bring couples and families closer or push them farther apart.

Since the quarantine doesn’t have a set end date, you may be struggling to practice unconditional love and compromise in relationships. Well, you’re not alone. You have an entire community that is feeling the same way as you right now.

To learn more about maintaining healthy relationships as well as your options, keep reading!

How to Practice Compromise in Relationships During COVID-19

Most of us aren’t accustomed to being around our partner or family 24 hours each day.

One may be a stay at home parent, while the other goes to the office during the day. Or, maybe both parties leave for work each day. Regardless of your unique situation, being quarantined is changing the majority of our routines.

The key to managing this difficult time together is to practice unconditional love and compromise. Sure, it’s going to take a little bit of trial and error, but finding common ground is vital for overcoming self-isolation.

Talk it Out

Communication is essential during this time.

Sit down and have a conversation about each party’s expectations during quarantine. For example, if you only have one office but both need to work, consider taking turns. Or, if one person likes the home clean and the other is messy, try to come up with some ground rules that make life easier for both people.

Reflect Each Day

While practicing compromise is essential right now, so is practicing unconditional love.

Be persistent in praising each other, even if some things have happened that have left you both less-than-pleased. Before bed each night, choose three things that you appreciated from the other person that day. Practicing this will make your relationship stronger than ever!

Quarantined Apart

If you don’t live with your partner, you may find that you have a totally different set of problems.

While one couple is spending too much time together, you find that you’re not getting to spend ANY time with your partner. To ease the stress of this, set up long-distance dates. Facetime, Zoom, or playing an online game together are great ways to do this.

Remember, you will overcome and bounce back from this time apart. Just stay persistent.

Professional Help

If you’re finding that your relationship is overwhelming right now, I’ve got your back.

Online sessions offer conveniences, flexible hours (even after you put the kids to bed), and provide care while in the comfort of your own home.

With time being in short supply mini check-in sessions are a great way for clients to touch base in between regular sessions.

You’ll Get Through This

Although it may feel like the quarantine is never going to end, we’ll get through this.

Practicing unconditional love and compromise is more important than ever. Marriage and couples counseling can offer the mental break needed to get your relationship back on track.

For more information on counseling sessions, reach out to me today!