How to Cope with the Constant Change in an Athlete or Public Figure’s Career through Confidential Support

It’s no secret that when a successful athlete or public figure experiences a career setback or the eventual end to their career, the impact it can have on their personal lives can be overwhelming. From having to suddenly adjust to life after retirement to not having the same amount of fame and recognition that once came with success, a period of transition and settling can take a toll on one’s mental health as well as their relationship status. 

If you or your loved one is an athlete or public figure in this situation, know that there are resources to help manage the feelings that can come along with the constant change. Individual and couple counseling can provide a supportive, confidential environment to discuss any struggles you may be facing and learn ways to cope and adjust.

From trying to accept and manage early retirement to overcoming the fear of a declining public image and changing social circles, individual counseling sessions can be beneficial in discovering and discussing ways to effectively manage the anxiety, fear, and depression that come with adjusting to the aftermath of a successful career. For those in a relationship or marriage, couples counseling can help provide a better understanding of each other’s perspective while addressing potential issues such as changes in communication, roles, and power dynamics that come with these circumstances.

The thought of letting go of an incredible experience and career can be heartbreaking and difficult to process. Everything you once knew can vanish in an instant. This can leave you feeling alone, confused, and hopeless. Working with a therapist can help you gain better insight and offer you the tools and resources you need to navigate your next chapter in a healthy way. Consider using available resources like licensed marriage and family therapist Susan Block and her team of specialists at Coral Springs Counseling Center. Susan Block, LMFT, and her team offer relationship and individual counseling through their confidential telehealth services. Susan Block and her team have extensive experience assisting NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB athletes, politicians, and other public figures to cope with the complex challenges a public figure can face. We’re here to create a safe space for our clients at any phase of their professional careers.

Susan Block, LMFT, aims to make couples and individuals stronger and more emotionally and mentally stable. Our telehealth counseling sessions have immediate openings to see anyone in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and the surrounding counties throughout South, Central, and North Florida.