As a licensed marriage and family therapist, one of my goals is to help my clients achieve the future of his or her dreams. If your relationship is suffering, or your marriage is already on the rocks, reach out to me, Susan Block, MS, LMFT, and we’ll work together to recreate what’s lacking in your relationship in a warm, nonjudgmental manner in my office located in Coral Springs, Florida.


If you feel uncertain about counseling, let me help you calm your fears.
Will marriage counseling be an invasive process dragging up old feelings from the past leading us on a path of more conflict and arguments? This is never the goal of couples counseling. In fact, when working with a couple, the intention is to examine how the two people in the relationship are acting towards each other now, and then find solutions to make the interactions more harmonious and balanced.  If you are located in the Parkland and surrounding area, I can work with your schedule with convenient evening and weekend therapy options. Because I want you as a couple to realize that your needs are vital in order for successful therapy, I customize my sessions to fit your specific needs with an option for in office, or at home therapy right here in South Florida.


Have you grown apart and wish to reconnect?
Relationship therapy is helpful after you’ve been married for a long time and now you feel like the spark has died. Let me help guide you along a path to rekindle what made you fall in love with your partner in the first place. You will rediscover the strengths of your relationship and help resolve issues that have made it challenging to connect on a deeper, more intimate level over the years. I offer all of my clients’ state of the art, researched based counseling in a relaxed and confidential environment. My specialty is working with couples to: decrease and manage conflict, enhance friendship, deepen intimacy, and build and repair trust.

If you are dealing with infidelity issues, and you are in or around Parkland and contemplating a divorce, consider marital counseling before you give up on the relationship completely. It’s common for you think and focus on the thought, why did this happen to me after a loved one has had an affair. On the other hand, if you were the unfaithful partner, we will work together to determine why it happened, and if you want to continue to repair your relationship with your spouse. Turn to me, Susan Block, MS, LMFT to sort through all the confusion and anger and find ways to rebuild a strong relationship filled with hope for the future.


If you are located in Parkland, Florida, and you’re seeking relationship counseling, but unsure if it’s right for you, or perhaps you tried counseling before and it wasn’t productive, I welcome you to a complementary free phone or in-office consult to help you feel more comfortable and find out if couples therapy can help you at this stage in your life. Call me, Susan Block, MS, LMFT at 954-675-1936 today.