Picture this: you got married 10 or 20 years ago, and in the first few years of your marriage, everything was great, magical even. Then, as time goes by, you start to embark on a journey even more meaningful with that person—children. Once married couples enter this stage in their lives, they embrace it wholeheartedly and put their roles as parents above all else.

A major shift is beginning to take place once your oldest child is about to head off to college. Many may feel relieved at the departure of their children and find pleasure in watching their babies grow and develop their independence and maturity.

Others may be torn between the feelings of loss and separation. Kids going off to college bodes the kind of situation that can be a source of anxiety and mental discomfort, especially for mothers who have always harbored deep feelings of protection and love for their children. This is what is referred to as “empty nest syndrome.”

To better manage separation anxiety and live a normal life, married couples have to reprogram their lives according to this new situation. In these circumstances, TV is not the best company. They have to go out together, get to know new people (and know each other on a deeper level), travel together, try intimate and exciting things never done in the presence of the children, learn music, add more value to their day-to-day lives, and spend more time with friends.

Consider this an opportunity to devote more time to date nights, to each other, to yourself, to work on yourself, and to cultivate peace and warmth within your marriage. Couples have to learn to take advantage of what life has been given to them, with authenticity and infinity.

It’s normal for some couples to struggle with this at first, and in this scenario, it might be best to consider couples therapy to regain intimacy and passion in your relationship. You made a pact—to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, till death do us part. Whenever you find yourselves struggling to honor this vow, allow our professional relationship counselors to help you and your partner readjust and embrace this new chapter in your lives and in your marriage.

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