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Hello! I’m Cassandra

Navigating through the unraveling of a relationship can be emotionally taxing, where the lack of prioritization and emerging distance make you feel like strangers. I understand the frustration and exhaustion the situation brings. It’s challenging when you yearn to trust your partner’s words, desiring to be heard without it spiraling into conflict. The sense of being unnoticed weighs on you. Now, envision the potential- the chance to feel connected, heard, and truly special. 

If you find yourself grappling with loneliness, emotional disconnection, or betrayal, I am here to offer assistance. My specialization lies in fortifying relationships, guiding them through challenging phases, and aiding in the rebuilding of trust post-infidelity. Together we can address communication challenges, develop effective conflict management strategies, and nurture intimacy. 

I extend my support not only to couples navigating relationship challenges but individuals grappling with anxiety, the unique stresses of motherhood, and life adjustments. I understand the emotional weight these experiences carry and am here to provide a compassionate space where you can explore, express, and work towards healing. My aim is to guide you with the empathy and assist in fostering emotional well-being. 

In my therapeutic approach, I prioritize transparency and honesty, creating a safe, non-judgmental space where both you and I can openly explore everything together. This foundation allows for a supportive and understanding environment as we navigate the complexities of your journey together. 

Your life, your relationship, your family – I recognize their significance and aim for my clients to trust the journey we embark on together. With a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I bring researched-based tools to create tangible changes. Trained in Level 1 Gottman Method and Gottman’s PTSD and Affair recovery, my focus is on reducing conflict, enhancing communication, strengthening trust, and making clients feel valued.

I am a local to South Florida. I’m embracing the chaos of motherhood with two little ones. I advocate for a holistic approach to self-care, finding solace  in a salty breeze, an energizing run and a good cup of coffee. 

Whether navigating the complexities of unraveling relationships, rebuilding trust post-infidelity, or addressing the emotional toll of anxiety and life adjustments, I provide a compassionate space for exploration and healing. Grounded in transparency, empathy, and proven therapeutic methods, I guide individuals and couples towards fostering emotional well-being. 

Let me help you take the first step. Feelings of hope, peace, and happiness are right around the corner.

To set up a complimentary phone consultation please email ( or call (954-675-1936 ext 3)

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