Imagine this: You’ve been going about your day and you’re STARVING! You haven’t eaten all day. Your stomach is rumbling, you might have a hunger headache and you can no longer think clearly. You finally sit down to a meal and you take a few bites and out of nowhere someone takes your meal and dumps it in the garbage. You’re STILL hungry AND now you’re PISSED!

This is what has happened over the last several weeks for those whose mental health services have been abruptly stopped by the Coronavirus outbreak. Social distancing, isolation, and self-quarantine are necessary, but how will this impact mental health? GREATLY! 

The suicide rate is already at an all-time high in our country. Human beings are wired for connection. People already feel isolated as it is. Coronavirus is causing heightened fear and confusion, exacerbating anxiety and depression. People work well with structure and schedules; however, all of that is out the window. People are now forced to spend time homeschooling their kids indefinitely with some also having to work from home. Those feeling trapped in abusive relationships or in marriages on the brink of divorce are now stuck at home and unable to get the help they need. This can lead to an even higher divorce rate in the months and years to come. Online therapy, or teletherapy, is currently being offered as a great way to start or continue therapy during this very difficult time. Research shows that teletherapy offers the same benefits as in-office sessions. It’s the same face-to-face experience as an in-office session but in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy, convenient, and very effective for managing anxiety and depression. With the click of a button, you can work with your trusted therapist to continue guiding you through life’s tough times, especially now with the Coronavirus pandemic. Susan Block, LMFT, LLC is offering online telehealth for the entire state of Florida. Call (954) 675-1936 or email