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Susan Block LMFT offers Marriage & Couples Therapy, Relationship & Premarital Counseling and Grief Counseling Services in and around Coral Springs, FLMARRIAGE COUNSELING

Are you looking to rekindle that spark in your relationship? Are you wondering what happened to the person you fell in love with? Do you feel misunderstood?  If so, marriage counseling is right for you. All relationships go through peaks and valleys. There are times that couples feel disconnected from their partner. I will provide you with the tools to rekindle that spark the relationship once had. Couples seeking counseling also strive for better communication with their partner. Marriage counseling is an opportunity to communicate your needs and wants in a safe environment and learn the effective tools without being judged or blamed. My approach is warm and nurturing, calm and encouraging. I invite full participation in the sessions and will collaborate with the couple to create realistic, long-term changes. I remain neutral, but at the same time will respectively challenge the couple to create a more stable, harmonious relationship.

As a couple, you may face more severe trauma such as grief/loss of a child or family member, an unexpected illness, or loss of a job. These unexpected or traumatic experiences can shift your foundation. These events can be devastating and put a toll on your relationship. I will work with the couple to help rebuild a new foundation within the structure you once had…


Susan Block LMFT offers Marriage & Couples Therapy, Relationship & Premarital Counseling and Grief Counseling Services in and around Coral Springs, FLFAMILY COUNSELING

Creating stability and harmony is what most families strive for.  All families are dynamic, unique and important. Families are viewed as a unit. Each individual plays a part within the whole unit. When a family comes to therapy, the entire family who attends is considered the client. Most families attend counseling due to a particular problem. My goals when working with families are, joining with each member and allowing each person to feel safe to share personal information, collaboratively identify the problem the family is struggling with, and together, set forth goals that each family member is comfortable with. Family counseling is a safe and structured way for me to observe the communication and interactions within the family unit that support the problem the family came to therapy for. I will work with families to see the attempted solutions. I will take a neutral stance, but will also challenge the family unit at times in order to create more stability and harmony back into the family. Families attend therapy for numerous reasons such as communication breakdown, divorce, substance abuse, anxiety, blended families, trauma, teen or child issues, grief/loss and much more. Family counseling is an opportunity to understand your family’s perspective and to create compassion and empathy towards each other. I will help families restore broken connections and rebuild and maintain positive relationships.

Susan Block LMFT offers Marriage & Couples Therapy, Relationship & Premarital Counseling and Grief Counseling Services in and around Coral Springs, FLINDIVIDUAL COUNSELING

There are times in your life when problems arise. Some are easily managed and others are not. You might feel isolated and think, “Why is this happening to me?” Have you tried to solve these issues on your own or have asked others for help and still not getting the answers you need? If so, individual therapy is for you. My approach is calm and encouraging which creates a safe place for my clients to disclose sensitive and personal information. Through the therapeutic process, you will begin to understand yourself more, and to identify the faulty patterns that keep you stuck. Once the problem is identified, we will examine the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that support the problem. We might not be able to change the past, but we will take the knowledge learned from the past, and use that to move forward in a positive direction. We will collaboratively establish new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that maintain the problem through numerous therapeutic techniques. Together, we will create goals and find and nurture the strengths within you.

Support Groups and Seminars

Some clients find comfort in meeting others dealing with the same struggles as they are. Throughout the year, I offer support groups and seminars.  These groups vary depending on the needs of those interested.

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