Susan Block – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Coral Springs, FL

Welcome to my new blog page! My name is Susan Block and I am the owner of Susan Block, LMFT, LLC. This is my first blog post so I have decided to make it an introduction to who I am, how I became a licensed marriage and family therapist and my approach to counseling.

I originally studied Elementary Education at Florida Atlantic University and received my bachelor’s degree in 1997. Being a teacher helped me develop a passion to help others and nurture their emotional growth. Naturally, I decided to become a marriage and family therapist so I can help others outside of the classroom. I completed my Master Degree in Marriage and Family Therapist in 2004 and have since earned full licensure by the Florida Department of Health to practice as a therapist. In addition, I am a member of the American Association forMarriage and Family Therapist (AAMFT).

My approach to counseling is based on Solution Focused Therapy. Unlike other therapies that focus on past events and experiences to determine the root cause of emotional distress, Solution Focused Therapy, instead, focuses on the present and future. Together we will devise specific goals and aspirations and develop strategies to reach them. This method of counseling is inviting, motivating, and nurturing. I enjoy working with anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives, learn to work through life’s challenges, and aspire for a happier future. I have experience working with individuals of all ages and also deeply enjoy working with couples and families. Clients often to come to me for help with, stress management, relationship issues, grief and loss counseling, infertility/pregnancy loss, and anxiety and depression. I also host three group therapy sessions:

1) Stress Management Group – This purpose of the group is to learn how to develop effective mechanisms for handling stress and promoting inner peace and harmony all while connecting with others who are going through similar experiences.

2) Pregnancy Loss through Miscarriage, Stillbirth, TFMR – Pregnancy loss is a devastating loss to women and their partners. This group focuses on overcoming the many symptoms that follow pregnancy loss such as depression, guilt, and loneliness.

3) The Missing Peace – This group focuses on the needs of children and teens coping with grief and loss of a parent, sibling, or friend. This is a 6 week group that will begin in early May.

Please contact me at 954-675-1936 if you feel that you will benefit from one of the group therapy sessions. Reservations are required.

I invite you to explore the rest of my website to learn more about how I can help you overcome a challenge in your life and give you the tools to enjoy life.

Susan Block
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist