Online therapy is here to stay as many couples begin to recognize the benefits of having a counseling session from the comfort of their own home. While it may not be a suitable option for every relationship, recent studies show that telemedicine can be as good as or even better than traditional care. Why? For starters, virtual couples counseling is extremely flexible and can deliver immediate satisfaction to you and your spouse. It also provides a unique opportunity to meet with top experts outside your local area. And for those that reside in smaller towns, telehealth allows for added privacy protection and alleviates any waiting room stress.
Imagine you’re living in North Florida and your husband or wife has an affair that causes your family life to turn upside down. It’s present-day, so the pandemic has already posed its challenges on finding a marriage therapist that specializes in infidelity within your community. Where would you turn to for immediate help? Virtual counseling, like the services we offer here in South Florida, enables you to find the right care no matter where you’re located in the state. It’s also more flexible than a traditional office setting when it comes to hours of operation and crisis counseling. Susan Block LMFT is open morning, afternoons, and evenings to meet your specific needs. We’re also readily available by phone or email for appointment setting.
So, there’s no doubt that telehealth brings a new perspective on the way that we look at couples therapy. In a situation, like the one described above, it’s greatly beneficial for couples to have direct access to professional marriage counseling that will not only provide quality care but a stable foundation for guidance in the future. Gone are the days of driving hours from your home to speak with the right specialist. Top marriage therapists, such as our own Susan Block LMFT, are now able to help struggling relationships all over the state of Florida.
Whether you’re local to the Coral Springs area or quarantining in Jacksonville, we want you to know that professional telehealth counseling is out there and available for you and your spouse when you need it. Don’t wait for things to “change”. Find the right marriage therapist that can help you today. Visit our website to learn more about our online therapy sessions. The positive, enjoyable life you deserve is only a click away!