Susan Block LMFT offers Marriage & Couples Therapy, Relationship & Premarital Counseling and Grief Counseling Services in and around Coral Springs, FL

My marriage was solid as a rock until I did something that questioned my wife’s trust in me. Susan helped my wife and I get to the root cause of the issue. In the course of some very intense emotional moments, my wife and I realized the love that we had. If there is a glimmer of hope in getting your relationship back, Susan is a fantastic facilitator in that process.

I am pleased to say that my wife and I have an even stronger relationship now. Susan provided us with some tools and those tools helped immeasurably.


- WF

Susan is an absolutely kind, supportive, and most importantly an extremely effective marriage and family counselor. When my husband and I started counseling, I was very confused about the future of my marriage. I really did not feel much hope at all. In fact, I really wanted my husband to move out. Today, I am back to getting excited just to see his car when I am pulling in the driveway! I absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Susan Block. She has saved our marriage.

- IP


Sometimes couples and individuals are faced with complex and life-altering decisions. My wife and I felt that it would be best to get some counseling immediately. We felt that our 15 years of marriage was important enough to seek the advise of a professional trained specifically to listen, analyze, and then provide recommendations best suited for us. We were fortunate enough to find Susan!

Over the course of our dozen or so sessions with Susan, she helped us uncover some things to help us get back on a very loving and caring path. Susan’s compassionate approach included a lot of questions and self-examination. She never judges us. She listens intently and then asks the most poignant and thought-provoking questions that evoke and solicit responses and a ton of emotions. Susan gave us some recommendations and “homework” that we readily incorporated into our new routine. Now, my wife and I talk a lot more, we ride bikes together, we watch tv together, and we go to bed together every night. We even switched sides on the bed so we don’t have our backs toward each other all night long!

Without Susan’s guidance and powerful, positive insight, I’m not sure if we would be where we are right now. We are both so thankful that we found Susan. She has been very instrumental in saving our marriage and helping us to truly be happier in our marriage than we have ever been.


- Anonymous

I cannot be more gratified by the help Susan has offered us. Not only is she kind and understanding, she is also fun to work with and very knowledgeable. My girlfriend and I went in because we were having trouble communicating and Susan was able to identify the issue and offer us different methods and tools to be able to communicate our feelings better. After leaving each session, I confidently felt that my relationship was getting better one step at a time. I am super excited to see what the future holds for me and my girlfriend. Thanks again, Susan!


- Andres

Susan Block is very kind and easy to understand. My boyfriend and I had a few communication problems and with the help of Susan we were able to overcome those little issues. She has been great and I couldn’t be more happy with her assistance.


- Karinna

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