Why Some People Might Avoid Therapy

Everyone can benefit from mental health counseling, but some people struggle to go to therapy.
Why might this be the case? If you want to make 2021 YOUR year, you might consider going to
therapy—even though you might feel like a lot is stacked against you.

The Perception of Emotions as Signs of Weakness

Some people might think they are showing weakness if they express their emotions. Oftentimes,
these people might have been led to believe that they should hide or suppress their feelings.
They might feel the need to “stay strong” in the face of adversity.
Although of course it’s acceptable and encouraged for people to show their feelings, this
modern philosophy struggles to overcome decades of social conditioning. For a long time, men,
in particular, were taught to be strong and stoic. This perception can be difficult to work past or
undo. But social pressure and conditioning are just two factors keeping some people from going
to therapy.

Some People Might Not Even Recognize Their Feelings

Raised in a culture where they’ve been taught to hide their feelings, some people might not
even recognize or be able to identify their emotions. They might not think they need therapy
because they can’t put their finger on any issues in their lives. They might understand that a
feeling is negative but might not be able to identify why, where it comes from, or name the
feeling. Therapy is vital in that it can help with all of these issues, but first, the person must
choose to go.

Flexible Therapy to Fit Your Schedule

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many mental health providers are offering telehealth
sessions for new and returning clients. Telehealth offers the same benefits as face-to-face

communication, with flexible scheduling that’s more private and more comfortable since it’s in
your own space. There’s no commute and no waiting room, and you can even schedule your
session during a lunch break. If you need to, you can even speak with your therapist from a
parked car in a safe place, like your driveway or a local park.
With Susan Block, you can safely unpack all your issues without judgment. Susan provides
unbiased counseling services to the whole state of Florida. Book a telehealth appointment with
her today and start 2021 on the right foot. This could be the year you change your life for the